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AndyM Male 52 Gay Boxing with sex
Some important points to know: * I am in a 14-year relationship, non-monogamous. I was in a triad for several years but that recently ended. I am now both socially and sexually available again. * I genuinely try to be a nice, friendly guy, which apparently annoys some people. I also do a lot of charity and organizational work in the community. I was raised to think of those around me, not just myself. * If I'm on here, I MAY be just checking messages. I may be cruising. I may be just looking to chat. Try me and see. * Do I have naughty pics? Sure. Due to work-related hassles, I had to take them down from public viewing. But I'll send you where to find them if you ASK. I've also done three porn vids. * If there is some mutual interest in play, some things to REMEMBER: ** SAFE SEX ONLY. This is for your protection AND mine. ** Although I'm into lots of kinky stuff, that's not ALL I'm into, and I only do kink consensually. I love to cuddle, oral is great, etc. ** If one more person says I 'scare' them, I'll really get scary. ** If you say 'I'm not into things you're into, ' I'll assume you mean that you're into drugs, scat, and unsafe sex. So, here are the stats... Age: 43 Height: 6' Weight: 230-240ish (big build, not super fat) Hair: brown on head (grey starting to come in), red from nose to pubes, blond on legs. Dick: Big, loosely circumcised, curves downward, 8-9 inches and thick Piercings: left nipple only Tattoos: right and left shoulders Sexual interests: deep kissing, sucking (versatile), fucking (Top), heavy nipple play, armpits, furry frottage, exhibitionism, multiple partners SM/Fetish interests: uniform role-play, biting, boxing and punching, wrestling, tickling, ball torture, flogging, some bondage, some fisting, breath control, gun play And I drive an old black-and-white police car. Don't do EVER: smoking, alcohol, drugs, nonconsensual sex, rimming What I'm looking for: Facial hair or stubble is pretty much a MUST, though I have strayed into clean-shaven once or twice. Age is not an issue, 21-75... My head turns for MEN with: cool facial hair, salt-and-pepper patches, furry chests, furry backs, shaved heads, tattoos, uniforms, cowboy hats, boots, gloves, uncut dicks, muscles, thick bodies, innate masculinity Into men who are aggressive without being pushy, submissive without being wimpy, caring without being needy, and smutty but not just a cumbucket for anyone. Will I bottom? I have, very rarely. SM-wise, about once every five years or more, and generally only in very specific scenes. Sex-wise, more often than that, but not common. And I've never bottomed for anyone who 'expected' it like they were Super-Top. ** I will play with someone more than once if we both had fun and the opportunity presents itself. ** I mostly play late at night and do not play at home. So keep that in mind if you're offering.
Portland Oregon
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