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An Instinctual Wrestler
username sex age sexual seeking
baxbyfrnd4lf Male 47 Gay Submission Wrestling
**Not able to host until further notice!!** I am, however, still open to roll, so definitely hit me so we can plan something!! I have built up a lot of experience over the years and know I can hold my own in any situation. I generally enjoy playful sub and chemistry-based erotic matches in skimpy gear. I am not seeking to win a medal, title, or belt...lol. I primarily seek more good times on the mat with good people. Frot is hot! I have no major hang ups, race and age is not an issue, but I will say that height and weight proportions are important for equal enjoyment and match-up. Hit me up so we can start some dialogue toward a match in the near future!
Atlanta Georgia
Washington District of Columbia

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