GargieusFL was wrestling bliss, meeting a seasoned grappler, equipped with pro gear, and pro-attitude, we could have wrestled on for hours upon hours and not exhausted our arsenals of holds on each other. Great back & forth action...truly one of the greatest guys on this site, if you have the opportunity to meet him, well worth your efforts. GRIZZ

Was very glad to get not one but, two days in with the infamous Grizz and had a blast!

Awesome guy and a great wrestler. Very psyched I got the chance to spend some time on the mats with this man. Would love to do it again. Any time bro.

Had a really good time wrestling this guy. Very skilled and a lot of fun. We locked up together unbelievably tight for a long time. Would take him on again.

Stud was a blast to wrestle. Hot, fun, experienced and overall good time. I definitely recommend this guy. Great guy on and off the mats. Looking forward to our next bout or tag team!

Great guy, we got along great and it was a good hard fought match!

strong guy for his size. wrestling was erotic in nature and alot of fun.

Had a really hot match with this guy. Great time - we stayed locked up solid going at it a long time. Definitely will take him on again.

Very nice, tight bod. Very enjoyable experience. The wrestling was good as well.

Enjoyable meet. Got me in heel mode.